Chef Paul's Projects

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In Wild Harvest, Chef Paul brings together his passion and love of nature, cooking and collaboration.

He and his partners, Les Stroud and Kevin Kossowan, have created a palpable feast of the senses. Through Wild Harvest, the team shares an outdoor experience that captures the beauty, diversity, and taste of our vast natural environment.

Travel with them to soon-to-be revealed locations, and learn how to forage unique ingredients that Paul uses to create extraordinary, creative, and most importantly, delicious dishes in magnificent locations across North America. Coming Fall 2020, Wild Harvest will be airing on your local PBS station.

Rouge garden

Alberta’s first San Pellegrino, World’s Best Restaurants award recipient, consistently recognized among Canada’s best restaurants, was the first in Calgary to focus on garden to table.

Paul and his business partner Olivier Reynaud have created an inner-city oasis, in Rouge’s one-acre garden where they grow fresh, quality ingredients. Rouge is celebrated for the every-changing, Chef’s tasting menu, wine selection and dining service.

The historical building, one of Calgary’s oldest homes, is located along the Bow River. The garden patio and multiple dining rooms, along with the regionally inspired, locally sourced, menu provide extraordinary dining and event experiences.

When not traveling or hosting events, you can find Paul at Rouge, supporting his team, talking with diners or out in the garden, harvesting the vegetables, fruits and herbs.

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We know them when we see them.  Brilliant, creative chefs driven by passion.  An unnatural desire to create, destroy, re-create, tweak, alter and finally, after endless trials, perfection.

It’s not about a dish. It’s not about a restaurant or a career. It is that single item that a chef has spent countless hours mastering.  A fermentation, a bread, a sauce – created out of desire for mastery.

Chef Obsession celebrates individual ascendancy, and then brings together a unique collection of top culinary creators to share their passions and journey with the public, and of course, the opportunity to taste the fruits of all that labour.

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