Chef Paul Rogalski is a renowned and passionate gastronomic leader and artist who finds his inspiration in locally sourced ingredients, the natural environment and collaborations with the great people he works with and learns from every day.

His culinary career has taken him to Singapore, Malaysia, Grand Cayman, Scotland, the United States and all across Canada, where he has amassed deep culinary experiences and great relationships. Among his many adventures, Paul is the Culinary Director & Co-Owner of Rouge Restaurant, Calgary where he led the vision and kitchen team to achieve the prestigious ranking as one of the San Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

With his inner-city garden inspired restaurant, Paul helped define farm to table in Calgary and beyond, focusing on creating exceptional culinary experiences using fresh, garden and local, ingredients. Today, Rouge remains atop ranked Canadian restaurant and Chef Paul remains a culinary adventurer at home and abroad.

Paul’s passion for sustainability and the natural environment has kept him busy as a speaker and guest chef locally and internationally at Cook it Raw, Terroir Symposium and The Cayman Cookout.

Most recently, Chef Paul can be seen starring in Les Stroud’s Wild Harvest, a television series that explores the natural landscapes across North America with Survivorman’s Les Stroud.  In each location, Les forages up native ingredients that Chef Paul must turn into culinary delights using his creativity and mastery of cooking.  With each location comes new ingredients, breathtaking scenery, and a deep appreciation of the natural environment.


Chef Paul’s Food

His freestyle approach, unexpected ingredients, and culinary techniques grounded in his French, North American and international experience are all part of every dish Paul creates. His recipes include quality, and often simple ingredients and focus on delivering a balanced flavor profile and an exceptional culinary experience. 

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