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Medium Rare Chef Apparel

This chef gear is killer!

Tired of the standard fare, Medium Rare Chef Apparel set out to create a line of culinary apparel chefs actually wanted to wear— durable, high-quality gear with a streetwear aesthetic. Pieces that made chefs look good and feel good, whether they were in the kitchen, on the floor or at home.

Today, the gear is worn in kitchens, behind the bar, serving food and hosting guests. They’ve outfitted Iron Chefs, Top Chefs, Wall of Chefs and home chefs. You can find them in chain and family-owned restaurants, in storefronts and online. Hell, they’re even in gardens and soap factories. Wherever hard-working industry folks are, you’ll find Medium Rare Chef Apparel.


Amazing plates!

Beautiful, artisanal, hand crafted tableware collections. As a team of chefs & restaurateurs, they were always searching for beautiful plates to complement the food coming out of the kitchen. The passion for finding just the right plate, lead them to push their creativity outside of the kitchen and to develop a new brand of restaurant & hospitality focused ceramic wares. They are now excited to offer Spirit Wares for Home, making the chef driven designs accessible to home cooks, food lovers and those who appreciate the beauty of a well-set dining table.

They have two distinct lines – Earthen Spirit and Reactive Spirit.  The reactive wares undergo a chemical reaction during the firing process that results in each piece being subtly unique. The earthen wares feature unrefined natural edges combined with new style colours and finishes.

Use some of Chef Paul’s Favourite Things when you’re in the kitchen whipping up one of his restaurant-quality recipes!